SYNQ offers a wide range of cutting edge products with focus on innovation and quality in the mobile accessories, IT devices and Internet of Things (IoT) ecosystem. SYNQ is a lifestyle brand that brings mobile technology solutions and accessories to the masses at an affordable price.

    We design products and experiences keeping the end user in focus. This helps us sync our product offerings and the value proposition to the latest trends and consumer preferences. In the last few years, smartphones have extended the traditional use of communication. With new hardware and apps, the functionality of smartphones is improving by the day. Smartphones today have transformed into effective monitoring tools that help in locating objects, keeping track of food preparations, measuring health and fitness, and lots more. In the near future these mobile devices will be integrated with multi systems to allow individuals to better manage their lives – to better SYNQ with life.

    The SYNQ brand has personal gadgets and mobile accessories covering a wide range of categories like

    Wearables: Fitness bands and Smart watches for men and women.

    Earbuds: Wireless Bluetooth EarBuds. With truly innovative solutions and the trust of one of India’s leading networking companies, Digisol Systems Ltd. , our products will help you – SYNQ with the Future.

    To know more visit http://synq.life