DG-CS4554FFv2 , dual stack 40g data center ethernet switch

DG-CS4554FFv2 , dual stack 40g data center ethernet switch

DG-CS4554FFv2 next-generation data center 40G switch has advanced hardware and software architecture design, modular 1+1 redundant power supplies, 4+1 redundant fans, cross ventilation and wind direction adjustable. DG-CS4554FFv2 supports data center features such as Data Center Bridging*, VEPA* fully applicable to the data center TOR (Top of Rack) application requirements of the switch.

DG-CS4554FFv2 includes 48*10GE SFP+ ports and 6*40G QSFP+ ports. DG-CS4554FFv2 supports IPv6 with hardware. With the abundant IPv6 features, the product can also work for next generation network.

DG-CS4554FFv2 is ideal for cloud computing data center server access, core switch of small to medium data center. For campus or other large network, DG-CS4554FFv2 could also be deployed at aggregation or core layer as its high performance and reliability.



  • Performance and Scalability
  • Full Data Center Features*
  • VSF (Virtual Switch Framework)
  • Full Optical Port
  • Rich L3 Features
  • Strong Multicast
  • Easy high reliability network
  • Comprehensive QoS
  • Enhanced Security
  • Abundant IPv6 Support




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