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How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Networking

How Artificial Intelligence Will Transform Networking

Imagine an omnipresent network that can understand your internet needs based on your location and activity. A network which can easily direct you to the best possible outdoor access point to handle your task. This may seem like technology from some futuristic science fiction but the truth is we are not that far from achieving such intelligent systems.

With the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (A.I) every part of technology is getting smarter and self-sufficient and networking industry is no different. A.I will bring paradigm shifting advancements in networking systems in the future. With the help of a global web of fibre optic cable there will be smart, ever-connected networks capable to communicate with each other, users no longer have to worry about whether they are using WiFi, a mobile network, Bluetooth, or one of the many IoT network technologies. A.I will help service providers facbricate smarter and more user-friendly networking systems.


Here we have listed down the aspects of networking which will be transformed by the emergence of Artificial Intelligence (A.I):


Network optimization

A.I is essential for service providers to build self-optimizing wireless network, where operators have the ability to automatically optimize network quality based on traffic information by region and time zone. Artificial intelligence will enhance the network’s capacity by evaluating patterns within data by advanced algorithms and enable networks to both predict, detect and avert anomalies in wireless broadband. This will help operators to proactively fix any problems before customers are negatively impacted.

Preventive maintenance

Artificial Intelligence will make preventive maintenance easier for telecom network. The networks will be able to run predictive analytics by utilizing data, sophisticated algorithms and machine learning techniques to predict the results as well as the potential errors based on pattern and historical data, and proactively fix problems with communications hardware. Network automation and intelligence will enable better root cause analysis and prediction of issues and help telecom companies to set more strategic goals, such as creating new customer experiences and dealing efficiently with business demands.

Predictive maintenance is not only effective on the network side but on the customer’s side as well. A.I will also track and analyze customer behavior from home  (surely with their permission ) such as switching channels on their wireless router, which will help network to provide personalized service.

Virtual Assistants

We all know who Siri, Alexa, and Google assistant are. We talk to them, we ask them questions and we give them tasks to do everyday. These conversational A.I platforms  are  better known as virtual assistants. These virtual systems may seem like simple language interface at this time but experts predict that the Virtual Assistants with advanced A.I systems will learn and automate from these one-on-one conversations so efficiently that they are estimated to cut down business expenses by almost $8 billion in the next few years. Virtual assistants will help the networks with the massive number of support requests for installation, set up, troubleshooting and maintenance, which often overwhelm customer support centers. Using A.I, network operators can implement auto-service capabilities that will instruct customers to install and operate their devices themselves.

We are at the tipping point where the networks we use are about to change forever. A.I will not only enhance the management, optimization as well as maintenance of the network infrastructure but also its customer support services. We can’t even imagine adequately at this point of time what this new network will be capable of, all we can do is keep updating ourselves one step at a time.

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