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Healthcare Clients  We Have worked with

Technology & Healthcare Working Together

The healthcare industry is ever-evolving, just like any other industry across the globe. The 21st century is fast-paced, demanding the healthcare industry to step up, ditch the traditional pathways, and adapt to newer and faster technologies. Gone are those days when generating medical records and test results would be inaccurate and take days and days, with the possibility of having grave errors. With Digisol’s advanced healthcare solutions, the future of the healthcare industry will surely look promising.


Need For Technology In Healthcare Centers

  1. It improvises and personalizes the overall experience of patients
  2. It safely secures all the data of the patients, thus, ensuring complete privacy.
  3. It connects all the medical equipment, i.e. machines and devices to a unified
  4. It processes the data in less time and enhances the efficiency of healthcare
  5. It helps in the optimization of business operations and simplifies the sharing
    of medical information.

Healthcare Case Study

Technology is shaping the future of Healthcare and Digisol is digitally empowering various multi-specialty hospitals & Healthcare institutions with its future-proof products. Here’s a case study video that will help you understand how Digisol’s structured cabling solutions offered seamless connectivity to one of the Multi-Speciality Healthcare centers in Navi Mumbai.

Need For Connected Healthcare

Digisol can help you develop  A IT Networking Solutions

Ensure Patients’ Safety, Security &
Seamlessly Connect all Medical Devices and

Optimize business operations and medical information sharing

Enhance Patient experience With personalize

Network  Diagram

Outdoor Access Point

DG-WA1102NPLV2 is an 150Mbps high power outdoor AP. Comply with IEEE 802.11b/g/n standard, 12dBi high gain antenna, 1000mW high power, the transmit/receive wireless distance more than 2000 meters. Read More

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DG-CS4554FFv2 next-generation data center 40G switch has advanced hardware and software architecture design, modular 1+1 redundant power supplies, 4+1 redundant fans, cross ventilation and wind direction adjustable. 

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The DG-WU2028E is a high-performance wireless controller from DIGISOL for medium wireless networks. Integrating both wired and wireless access means, it offers 10 GE uplink ports and may combine with DIGISOL smart access points (APs) to form a centrally managed wireless local area network (WLAN) solution.  Read More

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DIGISOL DG-GS4900SE series next-generation Layer 3 switch from DIGISOL with advanced architecture and, built-in modular 1+1 redundant power supplies. Read More

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DIGISOL DG-FS1526HPE is a Lite-Managed switching product. It is a intelligent network manageable switch designed for network environments that require high performance, high port density and easy for installation. It provides 8 10/100Mbps

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