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DIGISOL Launches Nex-Gen DG-WM500-I1 Wave2 Enterprise Wireless Access Point


DIGISOL Launches Nex-Gen DG-WM500-I1 Wave2 Enterprise Wireless Access Point

Mumbai India, 5th October, 2020: DIGISOL Systems Ltd., a leading provider of the IT Networking Solutions, unveils DG-WM500-I1, a high performance and cost effective Nex-Gen Enterprise Wi-Fi Access Point. The newly introduced Access Point supports both 802.11ac Wave2 and 802.11n standard with Gigabit Ethernet upstream connectivity which offers upto 1.167Gbps throughput. Its versatile functionality makes it an ideal solution for enterprises, campus Wi-Fi network access, hospitality industry, digital class room, and commercial Wi-Fi.

Better Connectivity for Better Performance:

The newly launched DG-WM500-I1 is based on 802.11ac wave2 standard and operates in a 2.4 GHz or 5 GHz band by providing an access bandwidth up to 1167 Mbps. The device comes with MU-MIMO technology which improves system performance and simultaneously transmits data to multiple Wi-Fi clients unlike the legacy technology. With improved system capacity, 802.11 wave2 AP is expected to have better client connectivity therefore deliver better Wi-Fi user experience. DG-WM500-I1 is designed to use internal antenna, provide 1 Gigabit Ethernet port with PoE(Power over Ethernet); or can be power by DC 48v power adaptor. This device supports both FIT/FAT Mode, and can be managed and monitored using a DIGISOL Enterprise Wireless Access Controllers- DG-WU6028C and DG-WU2028E.

The device supports U-APSD power saving mode so it can flexibly control Ethernet port and a second spatial MIMO stream. It also features a dual-OS backup mechanism. When an AP fails to start from the active OS, it can immediately start from a standby OS, thereby improving the long-term running reliability of equipment in an adverse environment.

Intelligent RF management:

The smart Access Points can be used with a wireless AC to perform automatic power and channel adjustment. It helps in RF detection and

algorithms management to attain a better RF coverage effect. When the signals of an access point are interfered by strong external signals, the access point automatically switch to an appropriate operating channel under the control of the AC to avoid such interference, thereby guaranteeing wireless network communications.

Automatic Emergency Mechanism

DG-WM500-I1 supports an automatic emergency mechanism which enables an access point to intelligently detect links. When detecting that the wireless AC is down, the access point quickly switches its operating mode so that it may continue to forward data while enabling new users to access the network. This mechanism attains high availability in the entire wireless network and really helps wireless users to be always online.

The DG-WM500-I1 supports wall mounting, ceiling mounting, T-keel mounting, desktop mounting, one can deploy it almost everywhere with an ease. It operates in an environment with its temperature ranging from 0°C to +50°C. The High Performing DG-WM500-I1 Access Point is priced at Rs. 20999/-

About Digisol Systems Ltd.:

Digisol Systems Ltd has three decades of expertise in Indian IT networking industry offering products and solutions catering to Voice, Data &Video services. Digisol has set a new benchmark by offering a wide range of products across the IT networking spectrum that includes Structured Cabling system (Copper & Fiber), FTTH, Switching and Wireless solutions. The company’s expertise in design, development, sales, marketing and service support makes Digisol a leading brand in the IT networking Industry. For further information visit- www.digisol.com

Press Contact:
Ekta Thakkar
Email: ekta.thakkar@digisol.com

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