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Cat6 UTP Solid Cable 100m & 305m

Unmanaged & Smart Switches

Cat6 UTP Solid Cable

DG-SA1133-20 SFP Transceivers

DG-GS1528HP/C - Layer 2 Web managed Gigabit Ethernet PoE+ Switch

GEPON OLT / GPON OLT - Digisol has successfully installed EMS Server at BSNL


DG-GR1010 - GEPON ONU Router

DG-PE1148D(H/W Ver. C1) - 48V DC Desktop Mount Fast Ethernet PoE Injector

DG-VG2300N - Broadband Router

DG-WA7810P - Outdoor Access Point

Wireless Solutions For Elevators

Solderless Patch Panel - Digisol ConvergeX SCS

Staggered Patch Panel

DG-WM4500-I1 - AC1200 Wireless Dualband Ceiling Wave2 Access Point

100Meter CAT6 UTP Solid Cable

DG-IS4508HP - Industrial Ethernet Switch

DG-WM500-I2R2 - Access Point

Cat6 UTP Solderless 90° Patch Panel

DG-GS1510PL - 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Smart Managed POE Switch

DG-WR3001NE - Wireless Repeater, DG-WN3150Nu & DG-WN3300N USB Adapters EDM

DG-WN3300N - Wireless USB Adapter

DG-GR6010 - XPON ONU Router

DG-PE2248D (H/W Ver. B1) - 48V DC Desktop Mount Gigabit Ethernet PoE Injector

DG-GS4110 – Ethernet Switch

DG-WM6305SIE2 - Ceiling Mount Access Point

Digisol - ConvergeX Structured Cabling Solutions

Cat6A - Oval Shaped Solid Cable

DG-GS1528HP-C - Lite-Managed Switch

DG-FS1016D-A - Unmanaged Switch

Cat6 UTP Toolless Keystone

DG-WA1102NPLV2 - Outdoor Access Point


DG-GS1008DG - 8 Port Gigabit Ethernet Unmanaged Desktop Switch

Digisol Cat6 / Cat6A Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) 4 Pair 23 Grey 305M AWG Solid Cables

DG-WN3150NU - USB Adapter

DG-WA6611P - Outdoor Access Point

DG-MC5123P - 100BASE-FX Single Mode Power Over Ethernet (PoE) Media Converter - Digisol

DG-MC6123P - PoE Media Converter

DG-WU2008 - Wireless Access Controller

DGC-RJFSCCA-7TC - Industrial Field Plug

Cat6 UTP Solderless Keystone

FTTH Application Scenario
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