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DIGISOL launches solder-free Patch Panels

DIGISOL launches solder-free Patch Panels

DIGISOL Systems Ltd., a leading provider of Active and Passive Networking products, and 100% subsidiary of Smartlink Network Systems Ltd., announced the launch of its new patented solder-free patch panels. These patch panels have high resilient rectangular cross section gold plated contacts for excellent repeatability and consistent performance. They also have specially designed IDC contacts which accept wider conductor diameters (22 through 26AWG) with use of KRONE® as well as 110 type crimping tools.

These patch panels modules have patented PCBs to accommodate solder-free pin and IDC mountings, which make them practically immune to wide environmental variations such as temperatures and humidity.

Increase efficiency of PoE Applications!

In today’s world, PoE application products are inevitable. When Flux is used, high power flow over time leads to melting of flux, thus hampering the efficiency of PoE Applications before time. Contact pins assembled in Solderless Products by PRESS-FIT Technology, which helps Contact Pins remain shiny, results in better signal transmission at electron level. Using Solder less patch panels and keystones help in increasing the efficiency as Flux is absent.

Fully Gold Plated Contact Pins:

Contact Pins in Solderless Products are 30 microns Fully Gold Plated, thus offering higher flexibility vs traditional stamped pins. This is another factor which contributes in better PoE efficiency. (Show image of the Solderless PCB with Contact pins)

Economically Rewarding

You get CAT6A patch panel performance in a CAT6 Solderless Patch panel!

Also, Solderless Products are more robust to oxidation thus leading to longer life and improved performance.

Green Initiative Product

This solderfree design avoids use of rare earth metals, avoids use of lead (Pb), which when disintegrated can soil Mother Earth

Features of Patch panel:

  •  90 Degree (Top Entry) Punch Down Design for Convenient Network Terminations
  •  Fully (360 degree covered) 30 microns Gold plated Contact pins, for better for POE Application.
  •  6 Port Jack configuration specially designed & molded in ABS Fire retardant material.
  •  Better transmission with CAT6 Performance equal to that of CAT6A

DIGISOL’s cabling portfolio includes copper cabling solutions (Cat5e, Cat 6 & Cat 6A), UTP/STP LAN Cables, Keystones, Patch Panels, Patch Cords, Face Plates, etc. The fiber range will have fiber cables, fiber patch cords, pigtails, LIU couplers and an entire FTTH Product line. DIGISOL cabling products adhere to EIA/TIA and ISO/IEC international standards. They are RoHS compliant, and are backed by international 25 years product warranty performance. DIGISOL Structured Cabling Systems is here to fulfill the network connectivity needs of medium to small businesses and home networks, as well as SME & Enterprises requirements.

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