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Forget Punch Down Tool, Go Toolless

Forget Punch Down Tool, Go Toolless

Advancement in technology has lead to an increase in the demand for high-speed Internet connections, instant responses & a high level of security. The demand of high bandwidth can be met by the optimum performance of your overall IT Network. The Cable installation often gets less importance compared to other technological implementations. However, the fact is you can only achieve high performing connectivity with robust designing, professional installation and proper maintenance of your cabling systems.

In structured cabling, using the right tools and technology to achieve goals is crucial. One of the setup variables that have a significant say in the overall performance & reliability scores is the cable termination on the faceplates (keystone jacks) at one end and the patch panel on the other. Traditionally, a punch down tool is used to install cable however, with advancements in structured cabling; Toolless technology has been introduced where usage of punch down tool isn’t required. Toolless technology makes cable termination process easier and accurate. For instance, if we look at Toolless keystones, it comes with snap-fit cap design; conductors can be terminated simultaneously when the cap is pressed into place, allowing for simple installation without the need for a punch down tool. Termination can be done by following below the steps:

3-step process removes the need for punch down tools and manual effort:

Step 1: Arrange opened Ethernet wires as per colour code guide inside.

Arrange opened Ethernet wires as per colour code guide inside

Step 2: Cut off unwanted cable protrusions.

Cut off unwanted cable protrusions

Step 3: Press to close. No punch down tool is required.

Press to close. No punch down tool is required

Reasons to choose Tool-less

  1. Simplified mass deployment – simplicity ensures you do it fast and do it right, more often than not.
  2. Reduced Time-to-deploy, do MORE in LESS time. We are not merely talking single rack deployments but projects, where time saved, is time earned.
  3. Reliable terminations – Reduced scope for manual punching errors. A quick job means nothing if it does not provide a bedrock of performance for business profitability.
  4. Extremely stable transmission performance – exceeds TIA specified performance characteristics including ANEXT, NEXT, FEXT, Insertion & Return Losses, and more. It means you will get performance every single time you invest in a Digisol Tool-less SCS.
  5. Wide range of applicability – Suits practically any installation configuration for faceplates, patch panel or telco closet applications.
  6. Last but not least, there would be no need to invest in a punch down tool to crimp the keystones since the same can be affected by bare hands with one-click of the keystone.

Toolless technology offers a simple way to terminate and install Ethernet cables. Digisol systems offer Patented Toolless Keystones & Patch Panels under its high-performance ConvergeX series. This series aims to catalyze the digital growth ambitions of your organization by offering premium structured cabling components that will enhance performance and transform the delivery capabilities of your infrastructure for voice, video and data traffic.

DIGISOL Solderless, Tool-less Keystone Jack DIGISOL Solderless Patch Panel
Solderless Toolless Keystone Jack Solderless Patch Panel

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