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How to Improve Your Network Connectivity while Working from Home

How to improve your network connectivity while working from home

How to Improve Your Network Connectivity while Working from Home

With the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, the majority of us are working from home and using our home internet networks for activities usually reserved for the workplace. You might have invested in a good broadband connection, however, there may be some problems that could slow down the internet speed and the network may not perform as expected while handling all the video conferencing and heavy file-uploading. Here are five ways that will help you improve speed while you work remotely from home.

  1. Identify the problem:

The reason for your slow internet speed could be your connection, so the very first thing one should do is to identify the problem and check the internet speed. There are a few of websites available that could help you test your internet speed. If the result says that your internet speed is slow, then you should reach out to your service provider to check if there is any network issue at their end.

  1. Router placement:

If there is no such issue from the service provider then the next thing you could do is check the placement of router. The performance of a router depends a lot on its placement as it can affect wireless coverage. To improve connectivity, you should ensure that your router isn’t placed on the floor or obstructed by anything. Hurdles like doors or walls will degrade the range and connection strength, especially if you are working in another room. Try to keep it in an open location in your home, and you could see the difference in your internet speed.

  1. Disconnect idle devices:

It is important to disconnect Wi-Fi on devices like tablets, play stations, smart speakers, etc. as they can put a demand on your Wi-Fi even when they are just running in the background. So the solution is to unplug or disconnect your extra devices when they are not in use if speed is your priority.

  1. Tryout wired connections:

It is hard to deny the fact that Ethernet cables provide faster internet speeds than Wi-Fi. Connecting your laptop with a wired connection will help you get the best speed. You can consider this option when you want to ensure smooth video calls or want to download large files.

  1. Upgrade:

In case the above tips don’t help, you can consider upgrading your existing router for a faster Internet connection. Usually, older devices may not be best suited for the new firmware and end up delivering low bandwidth. If you are looking for an upgrade, we are here to help you. Digisol is one of the most trusted IT networking brands that has been supporting Make in India for 3 decades. We offer top-notch IT networking solutions that include Structured Cabling, Wireless, FTTH, and Switching solutions that are designed to meet all your IT networking needs. Check out our latest wireless solutions here https://www.digisol.com/products/wireless-solutions/

We hope by following the above tips you can address your connectivity issues and make the most of remote working during this time of unprecedented uncertainty.

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