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Importance Of A Reliable IT Infrastructure In The Hospitality Industry

Importance Of A Reliable IT Infrastructure In The Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry witnessed numerous changes over the years, with each and every change the industry tries to endear itself to its patrons by personalizing the experience a bit more. The internet has revolutionized almost every aspect of our lives and the hospitality industry too has had to adapt and integrate the ‘new-age’ development into its bouquet of services.


A recent study indicates that a free, fast and consistent internet connection is a pivotal decision making factor for the urban guest. Providing customers with a patchy and inconsistent internet connection, under the obsolete guise of ‘Guest WiFi’ doesn’t work anymore as guests today expect a seamless connection which lets them stay connected to their personal and professional lives outside your establishment.


Therefore, installing just a standard WiFi router doesn’t cut it anymore and you need a comprehensive IT infrastructure for the following reasons:

  1. Customer satisfaction: A stable IT infrastructure is crucial for providing your customers with a good internet connection, irrespective of where they are in your establishment at that moment in time. If you own a small cafe and generally get modest footfall, then a good WiFi router with perhaps a WiFi range extender can do the business for you.

But if you are a hotelier, then your guest may want to be able to stream films, play games and engage in other leisure activities in his/her room. Moreover, you might get corporate guests who would want to access a reliable internet connection for checking emails, browsing business applications, and other purposes. This means that you will need a dedicated server room and strategically placed wireless access points throughout your establishment.


  1. More convenience, better security for you: The Internet of Things is rapidly approaching and would soon begin to exert its influence on the Indian hospitality industry. Facilities such as smart TVs, and services such as laundry services and room convenience services would soon require a stable internet connection. Hence, you’d require a wireless design which is capable of supporting such facilities.

Moreover, a well-integrated IT infrastructure can also aid you in customer analytics as you can get to know where in your establishment do your customers spend the most time, and that can, in turn, help you cater to them better.

Obsolete software and hardware in your IT infrastructure can pave the way for security breaches as their security measures can prove to be ineffective. If just one guest’s confidential data gets leaked, your entire business can get affected. Therefore, upgrading your IT infrastructure is more of a necessity than a choice.


3. Better guest retention: According to recent surveys, a reliableand consistent WiFi connection rivals amenities such as parking space and breakfast, in terms of the importance assigned to it by the guest. This means that by providing an unrivaled internet experience to your guests, you can actually retain them even for their future visits.


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