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Importance of having structured cabling in your office facility

Importance of having structured cabling in your office facility

Structured Cabling Systems (SCS), or Passive Networking is a major part of the “Information Transport Systems” designed to manage the physical connectivity infrastructure in any network architecture. SCS is the foundation layer (Physical) in the OSI Model and is the most critical link in the entire network architecture since it involves the interlinking of various Active devices in the system that involve the connectivity of several devices that specify the wiring for data centres, offices, and buildings using various types of cables adhering to specified standards. SCS is mainly governed by the EIA/TIA standard that specifies the minimization of design and management of structured cabling within any office space deployments. Before analysing the TIA standard, it’s essential that we understand the need for structured cabling for an office or data centre.

Here’s the list of benefits of structured network cabling and how it can help your business:

1. Easy to Manage

Organized cabling systems packs wires neatly which helps offices to manage it with an ease. In case one wants to expand business by adding new workstations, it can be done without interruption in your daily operations. MACs (Moves, Adds, Changes) can be effectively managed by using SCS methodologies. Troubleshooting as well as provisions for redundancy are easily managed by deploying devices in the SCS architecture.

2. Reduction in Network Downtime

Unstructured cabling systems or tangled wires causes connectivity issues and this can lead to network downtime, thus reducing productivity. Organized cabling will keep your network running and avoid network downtime. This is mainly because the various losses that otherwise plague the cables are minimised by using SCS.

3.Cost Effective

Structured cabling system is a cost-effective solution for the creaseless running of your business. As structured cables are scalable and highly flexible, it enables continuous flow of information and will meet the high demands placed on it. Thus, it will lead to boost productivity and drive business success. A simple and a well-managed cabling system can reduce power and maintenance costs, by reducing the time and money spent on identifying and rectifying any issues.

Besides increasing the risk of Downtime, unorganized cabling systems can also lead to electrical shocks, fires, trips and falls. Thus, for the safety of employees and data structured cabling system is essential.

It is crucial for offices to get professionally-designed cabling system in order to improve overall efficiency of the organization. DIGISOL offers superior cabling solutions that will resolve all your cabling related issues and allow speedy, interrupted and continuous data flow. We are one of the pioneers on the Indian networking landscape and you can create a robust Structured cabling infrastructure for your offices or any other establishment with our best-in-class networking products.

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