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Is Your IT Network Infrastructure Monsoon Ready?

Is Your IT Network Infrastructure Monsoon Ready?

The monsoon season is upon us with lashing rains, thunderous clouds and striking lightning. While we all love rains as they bring down the temperatures and make weather soothing, it is also that time of the year where the probability of electrical accidents increases. Thus, it is extremely important to take safety precautions for the rainy season from the start itself. Your IT network Infrastructure too needs precautions to safeguard the network. Questions like How? When? What? May occupy your mind when thinking about safeguarding IT network Infrastructure of your business. The quick answer to these questions is the ‘Surge Protection Ethernet Switches’ that will help your network infrastructure wade through the lighting rains.

Switches are at the heart of the network infrastructure; as it acts as a controller, allowing networked devices to talk to each other efficiently. Today, majority of business networks use switches to connect workstations, printers, IP cameras and phones in a commercial building or campus. As switches play a very crucial role by acting a hub it is important to choose the right switch which is also sensitive to climatic changes. Talking about rainy season, if switches are not surge protected it might malfunction and have a severe impact on your entire IT infrastructure in case of Surge or lightening strike. For instance, devices like IP cameras are deployed outdoors and are further connect to a switch. In such scenarios, both, cameras and switches, are under the risk of lightning shock and further it might lead to individual equipment damaged, or paralyse the whole local area network (LAN). Many who use normal switches with no Surge protection, risk the life of switches as they get burnt with no scope for repair.

Coming to environments where extreme, harsh temperature conditions or outdoor conditions are prevalent, such as switches on Lamp posts, choose the switches that are built to withstand lightning, extreme temperatures and provide high-bandwidth to help improve uptime and performance for connecting to IP devices. During monsoon, when lightning strikes, electrical switching can inject transient over voltages into an installation and due to this electrical equipment can be adversely affected by these surges. To avoid the surges, one must use lightning Surge Protection Switches that integrate discrete circuit protection into an assembly, providing improved functionality and protection.

Though we don’t have control over the weather conditions, however, by selecting right kind of products, one can take a small step towards preventing the damage. By replacing normal business switches with Surge Protection Switches one can add one layer of additional protection and safeguard the network up to certain extent. Thinking to upgrade and build an IT infrastructure that is prepared for monsoon?  Below are the range of DIGISOL Surge Protected Switches that would fit different businesses’ networking needs.


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