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Jahnavi – Digisol offers end to end signal transmission solutions in a variety of markets.’ How would you explain and support this statement?

Samir– Digisol is a First Indian brand in IT networking for all large volume products in the Active range- Switches, Wi-Fi , Media Converters and FTTH etc. and Passive range in Copper and Fiber products. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Smartlink Holdings Ltd which has a legacy of 3 decades in manufacturing Made in India products.

Digisol Systems is the only India-based IT networking brand products company that has a strong pan-India presence, with sales representatives in 50 cities, 10 branch offices, 45 distributors, 63 service support centers, and over 1,000 partners. DIGISOL has a solution for every need when it comes to IT Networking requirements. The company strives to consistently offer innovative future-ready products that aim to meet consumer expectations in the IT networking space, by sourcing locally from Smartlink subsidiaries- Synegra EMS or by sourcing low volume products from worldwide.

Jahnavi– What are the long-term goals of Digisol? How do you aim onto achieving them?

Samir– Our long-term goal is to become the No.1 Company in IT networking category since we already have the top spot in the Made in India segment.

Jahnavi– Considering Digisol Systems is a First Indian Brand in IT networking that offers a wide range of IT networking solutions, can you let us know what all these solutions are provided by the company?

Samir– Digisol Systems as a First Indian Brand in IT networking offers its product portfolio majorly in 2 categories- Active Networking Solutions and Passive Networking Solutions. Under the Active Networking Solutions we offer- FTTH solutions (XPON ONU Routers, GPON OLTs, PON Transceiver, GEPON OLTs), Switching solutions (Made in India Switches, PoE Unmanaged Switches, Media Convertors, Fully managed Switches etc.) and Wireless Solutions (Indoor & Outdoor Access Points, Access Controllers, Range boosters, Adapters etc.)

In the Passive category we offer- Enterprise Structured Cabling Systems (Solid Cables, Keystones, Patch Panel, Patch Cords, Industrial Field Plugs etc.), Fiber Solutions (Cables, Pigtails, Patch Cords, Adapters, LIUs), FTTH Solutions

(Splitters, Connectors, Drop Cable, Connectors etc.), Copper Solutions (Solid Cables, Keystones, Patch Panel, Patch Cords, Face Plates etc.)

Jahnavi– Considering you tend to provide innovative solutions with a dedication to enhancing the IT networking experience of our customers, how would you say that you do the same?

Samir– In each of the four geographic areas of the country, we have our Sales team.  via whom we extend our offerings of  networking solutions to well-known companies and brands/institutions, few examples as Christ University, Amazon Web Services, RDSO, ICT, ISRO etc.  which has enabled us to  create  case studies  that demonstrates how successfully we implemented our solutions and gave these clients upgraded  IT networking infrastructure  via our product range. Moreover we have a team of product specialists on hand to assist with any technical challenges that may arise during the installation and usage of Digisol products.

Jahnavi– What is the entire growth plan of the company? How do you tend to plan one entirely?

Samir– This year our growth plan is to add more and more Made in India SKUs in all the product category segments and increase Market penetration for Indian products across geographies.

Our growth strategy for this year calls for increasing the number of Made in India SKUs across all product categories and expanding the market share of Indian- made goods across Indian market.

We aim to be a supplier of cutting-edge solutions committed to improving our clients’ IT networking experience, to foster an environment that is creative, healthy, competitive, and trustworthy for the expansion of successful businesses.

Moreover, we strive to provide chances for each participant to reach their full potential and make constructive contributions to the ecosystem.

Jahnavi– What is the major aim of the company? Are there any aims which need to be achieved by the company in the near future?

Samir– With having broad Made in India range of products for large Indian Market, our aim is to empower Sales along with building Manufacturing ecosystem for Indian products.

Another aim that we have is to gain the top spot in the IT Networking industry with having manpower across all state markets.

Jahnavi– What are your views about the tech industry as a whole?

Samir– One of today’s most crucial and competitive businesses is the tech sector. The exponential rise of the sector over the past 20 years has altered global perceptions of India’s knowledge and talent base and fueled economic development. The rapid development of the IT sector and the liberalization policies of the Indian government, including the removal of import taxes on technology items and the reduction of trade barriers, have been key factors in the development of this sector. post COVID-19 we have understood that necessity is the root of all inventions. Major innovations have taken place across the world. Indians haven’t lagged behind either in this race. Companies started implementing remote setups for meetings and seminars that were held digitally as the WFH concept gained traction. Despite the numerous difficulties encountered, cloud computing and remote access technology have become integral parts of everyone’s professional lives. Let’s not forget the fact that once a niche practice, online payments have evolved into a necessary way for doing daily transactions for the common man. Google Pay, PayTM, PhonePe, Freecharge, etc. to name a few apps.


When we talk about the OTT platforms, they have had a profound impact on our lives, transforming the way we consume and engage with entertainment & educational content. These platforms offer convenience and flexibility by providing on-demand access to a vast library of movies, TV shows, documentaries, and other forms of entertainment content. They invest in creating high-quality content that caters to specific niche audiences and explores unique storytelling formats. OTT platforms have disrupted the traditional television industry by offering alternatives to cable and satellite TV subscriptions.

Being one of the First Indian brands, Digisol feels very proud to be in an industry which has become indispensable. Through our Networking solutions, we are a catalyst in making people’s lives easier, whether it be through professional work, educational documentaries, or enjoyment.

About Digisol Systems Ltd.:

Digisol Systems Ltd. is one of the first Indian brands in India. The reason we say this is because even before the Make in India Scheme of 2014 came in, the parent company- Smartlink Holdings was manufacturing IT networking products within the country. Smartlink Holdings has three decades of experience in the Indian IT networking sector, providing services and products for Voice, video & data. By providing a broad range of products across the IT networking spectrum, such as structured cabling systems (copper and fibre), FTTH, switching, and wireless solutions, the company has established a new standard. Digisol is a well-known name in the IT networking industry. We are grateful to the company’s skill in design, development, sales, marketing, and service support.  Digisol is delighted to announce that our business is on a growth trajectory wherein we are achieving pathbreaking milestones.

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