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Network expansion devices for easy internet access in your office

Network expansion devices for easy internet access in your office

Lack of signal because of being away in a distant corner from the network source is probably one of the most annoying things you can face. This problem of having limited range can stop your work and slows down your productivity. Network expansion has become a very major need in our personal as well as professional life. The Internet has made life much easier and hassle-free for most of the offices; it is not just a desire but a necessity for proper functioning in office spaces nowadays. Most of the communication, transfers, and work happens through online mediums. The lack of network at every spot can disrupt the functioning and can cause major losses.

This issue of low range is faced often in most of the big offices. Big offices tend to have quite a few dead spaces, where the signal is sparse and the connection is interrupted. This comes in the way of work. No office wants work to get suffered, hence, offices are taking steps to ensure the highest productivity by expanding the network. Instead of opting for a new router which requires new connection and wiring can be quite expensive. To tackle this situation offices have resorted to using network expansion devices. These devices are way cheaper compared to new connections and do absolutely the same job and make sure there is a seamless and uninterrupted network connection in every corner of the office.

These network expansion devices are of different types. Just like WiFi routers, these devices have a wide variety of products, each of these serves a different cause. A few of these devices are apt for small scale offices that cover the entire area thoroughly and a few devices that cover a much larger area that can range from 100 feet to 1000 feet or more. With the high in demand speeds, they need to be capable of providing a high speed of over 500mbps at least. For multiple devices to connect to it, a bigger bandwidth is also a must.

A WiFi repeater is one of the devices that can be used in network expansion. The job of a network repeater is simple. It takes the already existing signal and creates another network field, providing more range and speed. They generally have two routers build in one device. One of the routers picks up the already existent signal and the other router amplifies the signal. This gives the signal a new extension and gives you more coverage.

Network Switches are wired connections for expansion of the range. They provide higher speeds of the internet but through wires. The innovation, wireless switches has given rise to higher accessibility. They have a switch and a router built inside it. The router detects and picks up the signal and the switch becomes an access point for faster internet.

With our fiber optic cables and network switches, internet access at every point in the office is guaranteed. Digisol offers DG-WM2001WI, DG-WM2005WI, DG-WM2005SI, DG-WA7910P, DG-WM5317IOAC, DG-WM5307DOAC, DG-WM5307IAC, DG-WM6305SIE2, and DG-WM2003SIE switches that are very reliable and can be used in households, offices, hotels, outdoors, etc. Our WiFi repeaters like DG-WR4801AC (H/W Ver. A1), DG-WR3001NE provide good area coverage. They can be used wirelessly and without any trouble.

All in all, network expansion is a very important factor in today’s constant need of internet. As time passes, innovation will bring better products that make internet access even easier. At Digisol, we always strive to push the limits of network technology with constant innovation to provide better network connectivity to our clients.

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