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PoE vs PoE+ : Choosing Right Solution For Your Business Requirements

PoE vs PoE+ : Choosing Right Solution For Your Business Requirements

You might have heard of terms like PoE switches or PoE cameras however if you aren’t quite sure about its functioning in detail then this article might help you understand nitty gritty of Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology. The very first question that might come to your mind is, What PoE can do? It simply serves two purposes with one cable. As the name “Power over Ethernet indicate, it allows network cables to carry data as well as deliver electrical power to networked IP-enabled devices. Previously, to connect IP devices two cables were used, one for data connection while the other one for electrical connection, however with the introduction of PoE technology both these actions carried over a single network cable.

POE is basically a networking feature defined by IEEE 802.3af and IEEE 802.3at standards. IEEE 802.3af standard is is known as PoE while IEEE 802.3 at standard is known as PoE+ technology.

PoE Applications

PoE is defined by IEEE 802.3af standard; delivering per up to 15.4w per port, PoE technology can support like as VoIP phones, sensors/meters, wireless access points (with two antennas) and simple, static surveillance cameras. While building an easy setup for basic networking PoE technology be an can appropriate choice. Standard copper Ethernet cables can be used for such set ups, and it is best fitted for home and small business networks.

PoE+ Applications

PoE+ is an upgraded version of PoE technology. As shown in the above table, it is defined by IEEE 802.3at standards. Compared to PoE, PoE+ option is more powerful to accommodate increased business requirements. PoE+ allows more power to be carried i.e. 30W over a standard Ethernet cable. Thus making it easier connect to broader range of device in your network. PoE+ can support devices such complex surveillance cameras, wireless access points (with six antennas), LCD displays, biometric sensors and tablets.

Which one to choose, PoE or PoE+?

Looking at the above points you would have got an understanding about major difference between PoE and PoE+. PoE is the simple and basic way to power networking devices and could be applied in home and small business networking setups. While PoE+ technology would be constructive in Cat5e and above cabling infrastructure, it can be applied in complex business networking scenarios. If you are looking forward to build an all new network infrastructure for you business then you should consider PoE+, as it offers maximum flexibility and makes sense for long term long-term planning.

If you are still unsure about which one to pick then Digisol is here to help you. This is our bread and butter and we would love to help you build the most suitable IT network infrastructure to meet your business needs. Write us at enterprisesales@digisol.com


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