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Visit to Industrial Campus of Digisol Systems Ltd. & Synegra EMS Manufacturing facility by Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly, Shri Ramesh Tawadkar


Being a First Indian brand in IT networking, Digisol believes in a self-reliant, aatmanirbhar way of living. The innovative concept of Shram Dham as conceived by the Speaker of Goa Legislative Assembly, Shri Ramesh Tawadkar is also supported by Smartlink Holdings, the parent company of Digisol & Synegra which is an effort to address the housing needs of the underprivileged by providing the people in Canacona better homes guided by the principles of ‘Antyodaya’, ‘Gramodaya’ & ‘Sarvodaya.’ The Speaker received a warm welcome from all the members of our Industrial facility.

Shri Ramesh Tawadkar, the Speaker of the Goa Legislative Assembly and also the MLA of Canacona, engaged in a productive interaction with the heads of our Industrial facility in Goa, where he keenly observed the manufacturing process of ‘Digisol Modems’.

The Speaker demonstrated a sincere interest in understanding the manufacturing processes of different units within the industrial estate. He personally met with the heads of Smartlink Holdings Ltd. of which Digisol is a subsidiary, and collectively briefed the members of the Verna Industries Association (VIA) about the ‘Shram-Dham’ initiative, which is being implemented by the Balram Charitable Foundation (BCF) in Canacona.

Shri Tawadkar informed the Verna Industries Association (VIA) members that the ‘Shram-Dham’ concept has already successfully constructed approximately 20 residential houses for underprivileged individuals in Canacona. He also revealed that the BCF has set an ambitious target of providing shelter to over 100 families who lack the resources to build their own homes.

During the meeting, all members displayed a keen interest in this innovative ‘Shram-Dham’ concept and extended their full support to help the Speaker realize his vision of completing 100 houses through this initiative.

Furthermore, the Speaker extended an invitation to the Verna Industrial Association members to visit Canacona and witness the humanitarian efforts firsthand, aimed at assisting those in need.

This meeting was attended by notable individuals of VIA, including Mr. Kamalaksha R. Naik- Chairman of Smartlink Holdings Limited; Pradip Da Costa- President of Verna Industries Association; Damodar Kochkar- Past President of GSIA and VIA; Blaise Costabir- Past President of VIA; Rajesh Prabhu- General Secretary of VIA; and Vijay Rane- Head of Manufacturing at Synegra EMS Limited.

The Speaker’s visit to our prestigious Industrial Estate and the invitation extended by him to visit ‘Shram-Dham’ houses in Canacona are perceived as efforts to attract multinational and large manufacturing companies to contribute funds under their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives to support the construction of ‘Shram-Dham’ houses.


About Digisol Systems Ltd:

Digisol Systems Ltd. is one of the First Indian Brands in IT Networking in India. The reason we say this is because even before the Make in India Scheme of 2014 came in, Smartlink Holdings Ltd, together with its subsidiaries- Synegra & Digisol, started developing, manufacturing, marketing, distributing & servicing networking products in India. Smartlink Holdings Ltd has three decades of legacy in the Indian IT networking sector, providing services and products for Voice, Video & Data. By providing a broad range of products across the IT networking spectrum, such as Structured Cabling systems (copper and fiber), FTTH, Switching, and Wireless solutions, the company has established a new standard. Digisol is a well-known name in the IT networking industry. We are grateful to the workforce expertise of the organization, development, sales, marketing, and service support. Digisol is delighted to announce that our business is on a growth trajectory wherein we are achieving pathbreaking milestones.


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