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E-waste Management

‘Eco Changes’ represents Digisol Systems Limited stance on environmental management and the commitment to continuously strive for the greener tomorrow through cutting-edge global environment technologies and the organization’s unique strengths in manufacturing.

We consider minimizing our negative impact on the environment as one of our top management priorities. Our business activities achieve this through technology and action. Supporting these efforts is a culture that encourages each Digisol Systems Limited group employee to proactively instigate positive changes and create real improvements in products, systems and services and recycling.

The continuous improvement of our products and services focuses on size and weight reduction, high performance, resource saving and energy efficiency. This is the line with the corporate statement, “Changes for the Better” which result reflects our perpetual drive to actively seek out and enact improvement.

‘Eco Changes’ also represents the efforts to join forces with customers to change the global environment for the better. Our ultimate aim is to improve the quality of people’s live while making positive contributions to the environment.

To know more about the policy and the process, download the Policy document here.

Find your nearest E-Waste Collection Center here.

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