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Understanding Triple Play Services In Networking

Understanding Triple Play Services In Networking

In the digital era, where most of our lives depend on the internet, it is very important that the service providers are reliable. With the increasing competition in service providers and hardware devices, the customer is at the advantage, always.
One such feature that these service providers and hardware devices provide is ‘triple play’ service. This bundled service has three vital features for a functioning lifestyle in this digital age. The triple play primarily comprises voice, video, and data all provided under a single access subscription.

Here’s the most common application of triple play:

1)Cable- This includes watching your favourite television shows and channels on satellite TV without physically installing a dish or cable connection.

2)Internet- This comprises cabled and wireless broadband access to the web. Accessing the online world without any hesitation.

3)Telephone- Enjoying high definition calls with low latency without interruption.

The ever-growing need for the internet, satellite TV and having a general telephone has influenced this service in a big way. Service providers have identified the need for a bundle pack which will be the combination of all the three important services. This amalgamation idea has led to the emergence of triple play systems.

As a single operator provides the essential service users can avail them in cheaper rates compared to having three different connection for each service with three separate bills. But it also requires better bandwidth as both Internet and HDTV services consume a higher amount of bandwidth. To ensure high bandwidth fiber optic cable has been introduced by service providers.

Triple play services have gained a lot of popularity with FTTH. With high speeds of over 50 Mbps and above for uninterrupted and simultaneous access of cable, internet as well as telephone with one single connection.

This being said, it is very important that a few requirements are met for the triple play services to work without problems. With higher bandwidth triple play also require very low latency for high definition and clear telephone calls.
In terms of hardware requirements, one will require only one device that can support all three services. Instead of maintaining three different devices, it’s always more practical and easier taking care of one device.

Here at DIGISOL, we promote technologies that make our customers lives simpler. Taking step towards the new era of triple play services, we provide network switches and wireless routers that completely support triple play services. Our devices provide reliable support for this service that makes seamless connectivity a factor in our daily life. Our ONU modem with wifi router DG-GR4342L and DG-GR1010 provide support for these services very efficiently. DIGISOL’s range of switches includes DG-GS4200, DG-GS4600E, DG-CS416F, DG-GS4628HPE-P, and DG-GS4628E2 are efficient chassis switches that support high-speed triple play services. DIGISOL’s FTTH cables also provide the high speeds that make streaming, accessing the internet, etc very enjoyable and convenient.

All in all, we should collectively support the growing online presence that helps us change the way we interact with three most important factors of networking.

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