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DG-WU2008 – Digisol Wireless Access Controller

DG-WU2008 – Digisol Wireless Access Controller

DIGISOL DG-WU2008 (H/W Ver. A2) is a mid size Enterprise Gateway based on CAPWAP protocol. With Multi-Gigabit-WAN ports up to 4, Load Balance, Ethernet backup and Ethernet Superimposed functions, together with Smart QoS, VPN management, VLAN Management, and built in Firewall features. DG-WU2008 can access into 512 end users, supply high speed, high stability and high security Ethernet to them, it is widely applied to middle size enterprise, hotel, shopping mall,etc. It can fit wireless access point in centrally or remotely, greatly to save the setup, configuration and maintenance cost.



  • Multi Gigabit WAN with load balance function
  • VLAN Management
  • Powerful Firewall Function
  • Captive Portal Authentication
  • Central Management for Wireless AP
  • Zero config
  • Device Group
  • Assign IP address for Wireless AP



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