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DG-LB1054UV – Digisol Multi WAN Load Sharing VPN Router with 3G/ 4G

DG-LB1054UV – Digisol Multi WAN Load Sharing VPN Router with 3G/ 4G

DIGISOL DG-LB1054UV is a Multi WAN Load Sharing Enterprise VPN Router with 3G/ 4G support which provides a highly efficient network connectivity with WAN Failover & Advanced Firewall Features. DG-LB1054UV has Web Interface for Management and simpler & convenient user experience. It provides flexibility of connecting more than one Internet Uplinks from different ISPs which provides features like Load Sharing & Link Backup. DG-LB1054UV integrates multiple Load Sharing strategies, Advanced QoS and strong Firewall features to provide a Consistent Network Uptime and Reliable Internet Connectivity. Multi WAN Ports
DG-LB1054UV has Multiple WAN ports which includes 1 dedicated RJ45 WAN port, 1 USB port for3G/ 4G connection & 1 User selectable optional WAN port.This device has a Load Sharing amongst WAN ports to provide users with consistent Network Uptime and reliable Internet Connectivity. Virtual Private Network(VPN)
DG-LB1054UV supports IPSec, PPTP, L2TP & GRE VPN. It supports maximum of up to 32 IPSec VPN tunnels. It supports VPN Failover and VPN load sharing feature for reliable connectivity.



  • 1 FE & 1 USB WAN Ports & 4 FE LAN Ports
  • Multi WAN Load Balance & VPN Tunnel Failover
  • VLAN Support
  • IPSec, L2TP & PPTP VPN Support
  • Quality Of Service (QoS) & Advanced Firewall Feature




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