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DG-GS4628HPE-P – Digisol L2 Gigabit Dual Stack Intelligent Switches

DG-GS4628HPE-P – Digisol L2 Gigabit Dual Stack Intelligent Switches

DIGISOLDG-GS4628HPE-P switch is a Layer2 Gigabit intelligent switch. It supports comprehensive QoS, enhanced VLAN functions (VLAN VPN, Voice VLAN,QinQ, N: 1 VLAN Translation etc), Ethernet Ring Protection Protocol (G.8032), classified bandwidth control, intelligent security control, OAM (Operations,Administration and Maintenance), manageability functions and Triple-Play services. DG-GS4628HPE-P switch also offers green features like IEEE 802.3az (Energy Efficient Ethernet), Fan less design feature, which can dramatically lower power consumption. This switch with full GE ports and 4 SFP uplink ports,integrates advanced management and security functions to provide performance and scalability.



  • Energy Efficient with Energy saving feature & Fan less design
  • Advanced Security features including RADIUS & TACACS+ Authentication
  • Supports Ethernet Ring Protection Switching (ERPS)
  • Supports Multicast Features including MVR (Multicast VLAN Register)




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