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DG-WR3001NE (H/W Ver. A1) – Digisol 300mbps Wireless Repeater

DG-WR3001NE (H/W Ver. A1) – Digisol 300mbps Wireless Repeater

DIGISOL DG-WR3001NE is a 300Mbps Wireless Universal Repeater which can easily extend the wireless range of your wireless network. DG-WR3001NE enhances Wi-Fi range and improves the signal quality of the Wi-Fi network. Integrated power adapter and a compact design make it easy for plugging the device directly into an electrical outlet & reduces the clutter of cables. DG-WR3001NE supports latest IEEE802.11n standard and is backward compatible with IEEE802.11b/g standard. With wireless speed up to 300Mbps, users can download, share and experience uninterrupted multimedia within the LAN.

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  • Extend Wireless range using Universal Repeater
  • Wall Mount & Compact Design
  • Wireless Speed up to 300Mbps
  • Supports Access Point mode
  • Robust WLAN Security
  • External Antennas & Internal Power Adapter
  • WPS and Reset button




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